I want to tell you about Nyah Rose. She’s my brother’s little miracle girl – and nine glorious months old now. I want to tell you about Richard and Jules too and what incredible… Continue reading

Anchor Me

My thoughts and this life have felt pretty wound up until recently. It’s been hard to know what to tell you and how. I’m not sure whether things are unfolding finally now, or… Continue reading


Albie graciously wore an eye patch every morning for most of this past year, so I was stoked when he wanted to celebrate 5 fabulous years in this world,  pirate style. A sheltered… Continue reading

The long way home

We said goodbye to Marcus’ mum at 4am on a cold winter’s morning. Packed ourselves, two car-seats, a stroller, four carry-on’s and three large suitcases into the taxi and drove away. Project move… Continue reading

Joy to this world

Just before Christmas, we visited our wonderful pals Ami and Tama who live on Lake Annecy in France. What a beautiful, beautiful place. It is so scenic, truly one of the most beautiful… Continue reading

On breastfeeding in public in the UK

Okay – so this has sat in my drafts for FOREVER. I’ve resisted pressing ‘Publish’ because I don’t want to be seen as a ranter. But do you know what? Nothing changes if… Continue reading

The great city

No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” — Samuel Johnson One last visit to London. Our… Continue reading

Visiting art galleries with four year olds

With both Marcus and I loving art galleries and museums, and with some of the world’s best on our doorstep here in the UK, we’ve had to think of ways to make the… Continue reading

A moving story

I’ve been woefully absent from this blog in recent months – due in most part because we’ve packed up all our belongings and said farewell to the United Kingdom. Our time there was… Continue reading

River deep, Mountain high

A little over an hour from where we live, is the Lake District – Cumbria. It’s a gorgeous pocket of the country that we’ve really enjoyed exploring whilst we have been here. With… Continue reading