Bouncy, bouncy

Albie is bouncing back quite well and responding to the treatment for his dying bowel (eeewwww!) which appears to be regenerating (yay!) Not out of the woods yet, he has still had nothing to eat since Thursday, but he is doing well on all other fronts. He is off the ventilator and breathing entirely for himself with saturation levels around 90%. Clever! So cool, as before the shunt he was down between 60 – 75%  so it warms our hearts to see the screen with such an A grade oxygen level. And with that going so well, we got to hold

him again. Stirling!


As you can see, at first he was less chuffed than me about this but he settled in for an afternoon sleep on my lap in no time. Word to those that may not know this about me: I despise cords. Always have. I don’t like the pesky way they tangle seemingly independent of anyone’s assistance.   Marcus therefore thinks its hilarious, and I can at least see the irony in this current situation. So why I have this big a grin on when that tangle of cords threaten to consume me and my child is beyond me. It must be love.

What a good day yesterday was! I am starting to get used to taking one day at a time as things change, in either direction, so mind-boggling fast.