Being limited to a 3 metre square space, Wrigglesworth gets more than his fair share of scrutiny from Ma and Pa bear. And the latest worry – far from anything related to the heart, is concerning his burgeoning Celtic hair colour. On observing his head yet again, Marcus, very cheekily said “That is the last thing he needs – not a heart condition AND red hair.” The nurse in attendance stopped still and looked perplexed at this statement. And then, a penny dropped in her head that hadn’t even begun to seed in ours “Oh that’s so true! Albie won’t be able to run away from the bullies!” Oh how we laughed.

Writing it now, it all sounds a bit mean – laughing wholeheartedly at our son’s future dilemmas. I do promise you though, it all came from a place of love. Now for the proof – is he Mick Hucknall? What do you think?

Check out those eyebrows - decidedly ginger


Eyebrows - check. And, is it just me or is his hair helping him to look like a used car salesman?