The big fat family challenge

So we are still awaiting our little guy putting on some beef. The shunt they placed in him is a little too big for him, which means that there is 2-3 times the amount of blood circulating his lungs than is circulating his body. This means his lungs are working hard oxygenating all that extra blood and so he doesn’t have much puff left for feeding.  And, because his lungs are working so hard, he needs about double the amount of calories a regular baby does. Its a bit of a catch 22 and as a result, poor Mr Wrigglesworth has been fading as he is so pooped:

He is being pumped full of milk and Calogen, so we hope that we will see him put on some weight soon. When he starts to get bigger, he will grow into his shunt, have more energy for feeding and he will

start flying ahead. In the meantime, our lil’ man, sleeps and sleeps and sleeps:

There is a really big positive of all of this though.  As the shunt is a bit big for him now, they think it might last him till he his around 10 kgs instead of the original estimated 6-8kgs. That is great news for him because the older he is the less complicated the open heart surgery, that he needs to have next, becomes. So that is very cool.

We just have to get through this skinny patch and we might just get a good year at home together before the open heart surgery stint. Its our own Big Fat Family Challenge and we certainly ain’t the Chawners.