Midnight marauders

We decided to have a wee adventure in the early hours of the morning today.

After each feed, Albie gets a top-up of milk down his nasal-gastric tube to help him get fat and before we top him up, we aspirate the tube. This means that we suck out  a little bit of what is in his belly out with a syringe to make sure that the tube still leads to his stomach, and hasn’t moved surreptitiously to his lungs. You can imagine lungs aren’t that keen on deliveries of milk to them, so the aspiration is real important.

Anyhoo, last night we aspirated stacks of blood curdled in with the milk he had drunk. Gah! Alarm o’clock!! We bundled into the car and rushed back to ED to see what was going on down there. Albie was his normal content wee self, but I was petrified it was the start of yet another stint in hospital. I should have followed Albie’s cues though, because after a good check-out, it seemed that the end of the tube was irritating his stomach wall a bit and no big deal. Phewfies! No crisis at all.

Here is a photo of Albie on the emergency bed, looking pretty darn stunned at what can sometimes happen at 1am in the morning.