and here we are!

Wrigglesworth was 3 months old yesterday! Albie’s first twelve weeks have inched past us at a tortoise’s pace. Often I wished that time would fly, as I was promised it would, so Albie could be magicked home. But time just wouldn’t fly, it crept and crept. I suspect time slows right on down when your child is unwell. Its simply a space that you just don’t want them to be in.

Anyhoo, enough doom and gloom. The tortoise, slowly but surely, finished that race and here we are at the 3 month mark and happily home. I imagine time might just start picking on up again now. Days are whizzing by in a flurry of goodness-knows-what and finally the grams are stacking on. We have our first cardiology check-up this Thursday at a Starship Clinic here in Wellington. Hopefully the docs will reduce the medication Wrigglesworth is on and give him a high five. He is rocking it.