See you later cheeky

So wee Albie gets his nasal gastric tube put back down today. While he has been feeding really well on his own, he is just burning through too many calories supporting his shonky circulation system to have any calories left over to grow bigger. And at four months yesterday, and just 4.31 kgs its becoming quite the issue.  The nurse explained it to me by saying that his blood is currently travelling on the windy, long road instead of the highway. The blood does get to the destination and get oxygenated, but it takes heaps more petrol, or calories, than it should do. And then Wrigglesworth runs on empty and so he isnt getting fatter. How I love a good analogy to make sense of things.

So he is going to get two calorie supplements after each feed down his tube to help him put on the beef. And the tube will probably stay down now till his open heart surgery.   We are gutted because with the NG tube comes a whole suite of medical paraphenalia – syringes, litmus paper, sterile water that remind us constantly that our wee boy is far from okay. But at the same time, we are sooooooo gunning for him to put on weight and whatever it takes is actually fine with us. It will be marvellous to see him start stacking on the pounds again.

So its a surrender to what needs to be and a temporary farewell to his sweet, empty face: