Clever sausage

Albie has been amazing this week – a real clever wee sausage. He had another weigh in this morning with the nurse, and he has put on even more weight. That means that over the past seven days he has put on 380 grams. Beefy beefy! He was trailing off into the nether regions of the weight graph,threatening to fall right off the bottom of it, so its great to see his weight plotted back on an axis, and back in the first percentile! Here is a photo of Mr Fat Clever Sausage:

He is turning pages in books too now, which is also very clever. This is a photo of Papa Bear and him enjoying some reading while getting a calorie top-up. It shows Papa turning the page, but honest to goodness Baby Bear does do it too! Dont worry, the heater is off.

And, even cleverer (yes, its a word :P), Wrigglesworth attended his first Ministry hui yesterday. While he admittedly slept through some of the more important parts, and demanded feeding at other crucial junctures – I think overall he got to grips with some of the current challenges and opportunities. Seriously though, it was great to get out and to see a few of my team and catch up with what’s been happening. And Albie got his own conference pack complete with teddy bear and Maori alphabet frieze. Thanks Mel! What a lucky clever sausage! Will try to get a photo to post too. Happy weekends everybody!