Cardiac update

We had a review of Mr Wrigglesworth’s ticker last Monday. He has been getting quite breathless and sweaty so we were keen to make sure he was okay. And he is – his cardiac condition is really stable so that is great, great news. His shunt is working a bit too well in fact, so until he gets bigger he willl be keep getting puffed and sweaty as his lungs are busy oxygenating too much blood.. The doctor was happy with his weight gain, though slow, he is heading in the right direction now and tantalisingly close to 5 kilos.

As for a date for his open heart surgery, its still a wait and see game. They want him to be at least 6kgs and/or to have his oxygen saturation levels down in the 70s. He is 4.85 kgs and his sat levels are around 87%  so we have a long way to go yet. And its not that I want him back in Starship by any stretch of the imagination. But at the same time, this is such a strange hiatus, knowing the inevitable operation is coming but not knowing when.  It will be so great to get it behind us. But yeah, we’ve a wee while to hang out yet.