The heart of the matter

After a bundle of scans and tests, its been decided. Wednesday 28 December is to be the date for Albie’s Rastelli operation.

The surgeons would have liked Albie to be bigger than he is. The operation is a bit more dangerous and a bit more complicated the size that he is, but he isn’t growing at all well without the operation, despite all the extra calories he gets, so its time to get it behind us. Its cool timing that our boy will be getting a new heart for a new year.  We are so excited to see Albie grow and have his va-va-voom back.  So just focusing on that rather than all the nasty stuff.

Until Tuesday next week, we’ve been allowed off the ward to stay at Ronald Macdonald House together as a family for Christmas.

Just in time too, as there was a Ronald Macdonald Christmas Party here this afternoon. I love this photo – Albie looks as perturbed by the whole thing as I was. And I loooove Marcus’ nervous smile as The Golden Arches encroaches on his vegetarian space too. Its too funny.