The week that was…

Our last week in Wellington was lovely. Aside from a mad dash for the door that involved Marcus planting seedlings in the garden at midnight the night before, we kind of just savoured it. Hung out with pals, ate good food, went for walks, kicked about. I was alternately wildly happy  – “Yeehar, a new heart for Christmas!”and then miserably sad, “Oh bubba Albie,  you’re too wonderful for all of this!” Thankfully, there were a few distractions. Firstly, Marcus became a Kiwi. The citizenship ceremony was pretty straightforward.  He had to pledge allegiance to the Queen, which was a bit of a breeze for him. And then got given a free native plant – which Marcus was STOKED with. How this man loves a good freebie.

In other news, Albie’s lashes may have grown slightly longer, and his teeth are popping through too. So I think he could possibly have gotten even cuter?! Or maybe I have been staring at him too much – its entirely possible that I have just been staring at him too much.