Mister Wrigglesworth’s first Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

We went to the beach and lay on a rug under a tree and watched Albie play all day. I did take a book, and we took cards to write too, but gosh-darn it I can’t take my eyes off our boy at the moment! We ate yummy food and opened some pressies too, but that all also paled for us as Wednesday is soooo front and centre on our minds.

It was a great day relaxing, away from Ronald Mcdonald House and the hospital- swims, sleeps and giggles.

We stayed out for the whole day – and even a bit longer too, as our borrowed car konked out on the way home just as we were about to enter the motorway. Awesome that was not! But what was awesome was the lady who pulled over and gave us a ride home. Her name was Lynda from Levin and she had premature twins twenty years ago. One of them had a heart condition and he is rocking it these days. It was lovely to talk with her and there were hugs all around when she left us at the house. Don’t you think its serendipitous that of all the people that could have picked us up this evening, that it was a Heart Mum that did? Pretty cool if you ask me.

Hope you have had splendid festive times filled with love, peace and gratitude,

xxx Sarah, Marcus and Albie.