Hold the phones…..

So,  surgery is on hold. We got readmitted yesterday after the surgical team had another close look at Albie’s heart. They are concerned that the operation is more risky at the size that he is. His right ventricle is a little too small for everything they need to do in there and they really do want him bigger.

We will be here for two weeks to fatten him up and then he will be reviewed again. We are drained. Of course, we only want what is best for Albie and to make the Rastelli operation as safe as possible, so the change in plan is fine in that respect. Hard to deal with the ever-changing feast this brings though, particularly when we were so very close to getting it behind us.

Thanks to you all the support we have received for what was planned tomorrow. You can hold on to it for now – we will be needing it again in the future!