We’re all going on a summer holiday.

After another discussion about Albie, they have decided not to operate and to send us away. The Rastelli repair is much more riskier the size that he is currently, and as his oxygen levels are still in the 80s, there is time to wait and get some more grams on him.

We are booked in for late January for a review then and they will decide again then what to do.  I am sure it won’t be the palaver it has been this time around!

We are going on a much needed summer holiday and to be honest, it feels like a bit of a reprieve. We’ve booked a car and are going to hit the road – New Years with friends in the Coromandel and a wedding up north of some lovely friends that we didn’t think we would make. Talk about tremendous!

Thanks again for the love people, you’re awesome.