We’ve all been on a summer holiday

Its been a great break away. We got out of Starship and decided to trot over to Waihi Beach for New Years at a bach Amy and Rob had hired.  We stayed there a couple of nights enjoying company of some of the Brier family and a bunch of friends. Fish and chips, beach swims, board games and newspaper quizzes. If you haven’t played Articulate before, as I hadn’t – it is THE BEST board game in the universe by a country mile. I am totally addicted and would marry it if I could.

Yeah so, I saw Mia’s outfit for the day and squealed at how similar I could get Albie, promptly re-dressing the poor guy. I am not sure why making my child match someone else’s pleases me so much, but it does. Mia and Albie are so cute together. She’s just a couple of weeks younger than Albie and they are both thinking about crawling. Well, actually Mia is mastering crawling backwards currently and Albie is teetering forwards regularly onto his nose.  Cute as buttons.

And then after a couple of days with them we were off to Northland – to Seth and Rachael’s wedding, some dear friends of ours. We had thought we weren’t going to make it because of everything that was happening before Christmas so we were pretty delighted that we could. And we got re-accommodated in such style too! They housed us in the loveliest of safari tents complete with power and linen and a deck out over the river. It was Glamping, good and proper, and I am sold. It was such a tonic.  So now for some inexcusable Tent Porn.

It was just such a lovely spot to unwind in for a few days. That’s me and Albie having a drink together on my birthday :).  The next day was Rachael and Seth’s. It was a great wedding filled to the brim with love and laughter.

And then in the following days we explored some of the Bay of Islands – the colonial history in Kerikeri, Waitangi, Hundertwasser in Kawakawa and beaches wherever we chanced upon one. Albie had his first sea dip in the evening sun in Paihia. The water was like a bath and he likes baths so I was sure it would be a winner. Albie was a bit ho-hum by the whole waves idea, and really wasn’t quite as keen to splash as I thought he would be. And as he was sans nappy,  I was slightly nervous about the possibility of a poop misdemeanour in a public place, so the whole epsiode was pretty short and sweet.

Albie continues to be the smiliest of guys – and is taking it to a whole new level with strangers that he meets. He tracks strangers wherever we go, dying for them to look at him, and if they do, he gives the largest most adoring grin. Its amazing. I have been trying to capture it because sometimes its big enough to close his eyes. I got the tail end of this one directed at an unsuspecting passerby at Waitangi.

And then we went down to Tutukaka so Marcus could dive Poor Knights Island, but it was stink weather and we ended up staying in a motel that had fleas. Thankfully only my legs suffered. And the rain poured down some more so we went to Waiwera Thermal Pools and took turns soaking in the hot pools. Lovely enough but it was no tent. And then we came home.

Marcus was right to take us away for a break after our time in hospital. A big part of me just wanted to retreat straight back home. But it was good to return home high from a holiday rather than the low we were feeling from not getting his heart fixed.

Thanks again for all the love and support we received. It was awesome we are so, so lucky to have you all.

Two photos to close – one of me and Albie on the deck outside the tent, and one of Marcus doing his best Blue Steel.