Food, glorious food

A stunning sight on the scales last week – finally over 7kgs. He has the most delightfully decadent diet – avocado, coconut cream, nuts, nuts, nuts, pastry, olive oil, mayonnaise – ridiculously delicious things full of fat and calories are spread upon everything. Its a daily obsession getting food into him and I seem to be amassing a mighty fine collection of photos of him eating it all.

He is an independent, focused wee man and MUST feed himself. His lips seal tight shut if I try to get a spoon in there, so three times a day he makes an unholy mess and I appreciate our wooden floors. That last photo there is Albie all over. He was eating pasta and fresh veges slathered in free-range mayonnaise. Well, actually he was eating just the mayonnaise, gingerly extracting each pasta piece or vegetable from his dish, sucking it dry of mayo and then popping it out carefully on his tray before going in for another. I marvel at this little man emerging.