Sunny side up

We have been off up to Auckland again. This time there was more hanging about with friends, opshopping and eating sushi than previous visits which was a-okay with me. And, thanks to Kobayashi, who endowed me with the most generous of gifts – we even attended Hall and Oates live at the Villa Maria Winery.   I am a die-hard fan of these guys with You  Make My Dreams Come True and I Can’t Go For That two of my absolute favourite tracks of all time. Yes I am that cheesy.

It was like, totally awesome. We arrived in time for the opening acts, Albie ate a great big dinner and then  had a huge feed and slept on me in the sling for a couple of hours while I swayed from side to side to the tunes. Then, just in time for all their marvellous hits, Albie woke up and thought life was very exciting indeed – disco lights, people, dancing, muffled music – Wow! This is cool Mum!

And so I danced about on the grass with a very starry-eyed baby in blue earmuffs for their encores.  I must say when I was boogie-ing about to You  Make My Dreams Come True with Albie and Marcus, Jason, Megan, Hels and companies under the warm summer night sky it really did ring true. What a lucky lady I am!

So yeah, Hall and Oates are still brilliant after all these years, even with the moustache gone.

Shed a tear for that one – I LOVED that moustache. Megan, you are a diamond. What a present indeed.

In other news, Albie is continuing to do a whole lot better than he was before Christmas. Gone are the sweats, and the overtired boy needing loads of naps. Instead Albie is all bright-eyed and perky and putting on weight again. He is reflecting the massive change in his oxygen saturation levels – which have seriously increased. His latest reading was 92%. It hasn’t been that high for a really long time and its lovely to having our energetic boy back. Hopefully get some more answers as to why this has happened at the next Starship Clinic. In the meantime you won’t see me complaining!