The many faces of CHD

Its Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week in the States from the 7-12th February and CHD Awareness Day right here in New Zealand on Valentines Day. On Pinterest, which is an online pinboard for sharing images, a pinboard of  The Faces of CHD has been created.  It shares some of the many stories, from some of the many people living with a CHD and links to a number of different blogs. There are now over 150 entries on the board and its growing and growing.  As a CHD parent perusing the board,  it makes for some pretty moving reading. Its beautiful to read about where kids are at three years, at eight, at ten and as adults – but by jingos, its obvious that Albie has only just begun… one step at a time Sarah. One step at a time.

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If you are a CHDer, or parent to a child with a CHD, and would like to share your story too, the details about how to add to this Pinterest board are here.