Cardiac Update

So we had a hospital appointment last Wednesday, the outcome of which I have been loath to write about. Hence, the updated  header and layout, which I hope you like. I was aiming for a scrapbook feel – as this blog really is becoming such a record of our journey with the lil’ man. Anyway, blah, blah, blah, basically updating the look of the blog was a welcome distraction from the real news that we have to share…..

Albie is  of a reasonable weight now and the plan is to go ahead with the Rastelli operation – this month or July.

Last time that we came close to the operation, Marcus and I were quite excited to get it done. This time around we are excited, yes, but also filled with a bit of trepidation too. Putting our boy’s life in someone else’s hands – trusting in the outcome, its big, scary stuff and we have both been feeling it hard.

We will of course keep you posted when we know more. Until then, we are focusing on lots of family time, insane amounts of video taking and love, love love.