and so to Starship….

We got an email from Starship Hospital that Albie is scheduled for his Rastelli the week beginning Monday 9 July. Its great to have a bit of warning so we can gather ourselves, stow our strength and GO DO THIS THING.

Jason, who is one of our besties ( and a brill photographer) very kindly took some photos of us on Sunday. I find it hard to choose the ones to share with you. I know in my head that realistically you don’t need to see all sixty-eight  of my favourite shots. But my heart begs to differ, simply because I have never had a favourite sixty-eight of anything before. So, I’ll just share some of the ones involving The Cat.

There we were, family-ing it up for the camera when,

“Hey look guys, there’s a cat across the road…”

“Its coming this way Albie”

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!! HERE THE CAT COMES!” (frantic arms and legs a-shaking)

And a gingerly touch of its tail on  its arrival.

The cat added a certain impromptu magic that’s for sure..

Excitement Overdrive.

BTW, Starship? Surely no coincidence the hospital shares its name with the super 80s rock group responsible for such hits as this and this? I am not sure we will be building cities on rock and roll (clearly not feasible), but the intention is definitely that nothing’s going to stop us now.