Hold your horses

We aren’t going to Starship next week after all. They had another look at Albie’s case and decided that both Dr Kirsten Finucane and Dr John Artrip will operate together, and they can’t schedule them both together next week.

We are super stoked to have Dr Finucane operating on Albie too. She is pretty awesome in the world of cardiothoracic surgery and has a NZ Order of Merit for her brilliance. Starship are going to call us this coming Wednesday with a date for the following week, so fingers crossed we can get this Rastelli party started then!

In the meantime, I thought it pertinent to share a video of  Albie and his horse.  Unperturbed by the fact his toes don’t yet touch the footrests, Albie just tucks his feet up on top of the horseback and he’s away. Easy as Mumma! And, yes, that is a clip-clop noise he makes with his tongue. Melts. My. Heart.