Biding time

We have had another delay to Albie’s surgery. Starship did give us a new surgery date. Its not far away either – but we’ve decided to not focus on it too much – not until we are there. The highs and lows of sharing this waiting game are getting just a little too much.

So in other news, we recently spent some time in the Lud Valley visiting our lovely Michael and Judy. It was glorious – as their place always is . I love how ballsy the seasons are when you step away from the city. I knew it was winter in Wellington,  dont get me wrong. But in the Lud Valley, the winter sun shines on many bare trees,  the vege gardens are resting, the shadows arrive early, and the frost is thick white in the morning……you get the picture. Its a whole new level of winter and it was beautiful. Calm. And oh-so-good for us.

The Love of Stacking show no sign of abating.

Marcus and his Kindle. Joined at the hip, I kid you not.

Passing Mike wood to stoke the fire for the pizza oven. Cute lil’ helper.

Judy is like this amazingtalentedubercreativemega artist. Its always inspiring to see her projects when we go down. Albie had  a wee adventure in paper-making. It was a bit boggling to see him start to do some of it himself. AND Judy taught me just a little bit of plant-based dying by dying some of Albie’s tired woollies. Can’t wait to bust the eucalyptus leaf onesie out at the hospital. Bam! Take that morose sterility!

And Mike and Judy had recently inherited Molly, who really must be the luckiest dog in the country. Molly and Albie became fast friends. A friendship helped considerably by some generous sharing of food. I have always hankered for a pooch – something large with long ears and a short coat. Now I really wanna small white fluffy one. The world never ceases to amaze.