When he is spritely, I like to imagine there is nothing wrong at all.

But Albie is losing weight again – and the last three weeks he has gone down, down, down. He is trying to learn to walk and tiring himself out. He has started taking extra naps, and if I dont notice the need for one, he just stops and lies down on the lounge room floor for one. Pooped. Its a bit frustrating, having worked so hard to have him gain weight for so long, to start going backwards again. But in many ways its a reminder that he really does actually need this surgery.  That its not all perpetually in the wings.

We ended up in emergency last week because of  his unusual lethargy and grump. One of the doctors who saw him suspected it was the early stages of heart failure. It wasn’t, thankfully. It was probably just a virus. But how my own heart hurt that heart failure was even something that could be considered. Check out this boy – he ain’t going there. No way, no how.

On the sunny days you can feel that springs not far away now. I have great hankerings to get out in the garden and get knee deep in soil – I have neglected it real bad. But it will wait. Instead we’ve been strolling to the sea, to the playground, to the zoo. Wellington Zoo is a short walk from our place and the best way to spend an afternoon. Albie has just started getting very knowledgeable, pointing and proclaiming ‘Otter!’ “Monkey!” and my favourite, a quiet whisper in my ear of ‘Beeeeeeeear’.

He is all into pretend too – you know, making ‘soups’ in pots and taking Albert Le Blanc for a spin in his tractor, that sort of thing. Albie’s hair is finally growing in and I can almost say with confidence its not red. Almost. I’ve been trying to fashion its wispy tendencies into a Tintin quiff and I think I may be winning.

He was sent the coolest invitation to attend Te Whiti’s Very Hungry Caterpillar 2nd birthday party. An invite complete with a Very Hungry Caterpillar and a half eaten leaf. Too cool. But it made me giggle to see this on the floor later that week. Very Hungry, had clearly turned Very Adventurous.