Update # 3

Tonight our heart hero lies in Intensive Care – dosed to the eyeballs on drugs and covered with drains, wires, catheters, tubes and patches. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t share these photos. But a larger  part of me thinks that there is no point to this blog if we don’t share all of our journey, with all its ups and downs.  So this is Albie tonight…



It hurts too much to see him in this state. But as shocking as it is, we remind ourselves that every wire and tube plays a part in bringing our boy back to health again.

He is doing really, really well for where he is at. He is fighting a bit of a fever, but hopefully by the morning that will have settled down. The ventilator is still breathing for him, but as he wakes up they hope to take him off that too. Anthea, my sister, sits with him through tonight, keeping him company and being his friend.