Prayers please

Albie was doing really great this morning, aware of us all and  even talking  – off the ventilator and there was even talk of him leaving Intensive Care this afternoon. They were calling him a ‘flyer.’

Albie, however, suffered a major Pulmonary Hypertensive Crisis around 9.30 this morning that resulted in his heart stopping.  It took approximately 25 minutes to hook him up to a ECMO machine, while they were trying to get his heart going again. The ECMO machine now does the job of his heart and lungs. He will be on this for the next three days to rest his heart, which has been badly stunned. They have cooled his body down too to halt any brain injury.  He is a world away and I miss him, so, so, so much.

There are no answers yet. In three days they will see if his heart will function again – or if it won’t. And, thats the same with his brain. He could be absolutely fine, or he could have suffered terrible brain damage. Time will tell.

Prayers, lit candles, arms to the sky, chants – the works people. Put them on high and hard! Albie needs them so, so bad and so do we.