Ever forward Albiesaurus

Albie is charging ahead with his cardiovascular recovery. His heart function is good and he was successfully taken off the ventilator yesterday. He is such a fighter – all the surgeons, doctors and nurses are super impressed with his turn around. As he is no longer on any type of life support, we have been moved out of Intensive Care and into the Intensive Observation Area – one step down. What a victory. I am so proud to see him breathing on his own again. He is struggling a bit at the moment, part of his lung has collapsed and there is fluid building up around his heart and lungs, which they hope to get sorted over the next couple of days. But regardless of this, Albie is doing it. He is an incredible fighter and its AMAZING how far he has come since last Wednesday.

Albie hasn’t been wearing any clothes in Intensive Care – just a nappy and a gazillion tubes and wires. Each night when we returned to our room at Ronald McDonald House, I would try hard to not look at Albie’s wee suitcase in the corner packed full of his hospital clothes. A part of me was just frozen with fear that we would not get to use them. Anyway, today Marcus wheeled Albie’s wee suitcase up to the ward and I dressed Albie in a pair of pyjamas. It seems such a small thing, but for it, I was thankful.

The week asleep has left him a floppy doll, a giant newborn baby. He needs to learn to suck and swallow again as well as be able to hold his head himself and sit up – let alone crawl and stand – or his amazing language. What is due to the induced coma, and what might be due to anything else, only time will tell. The MRI scan we had yesterday did show a brain bleed – but what it will mean for Albie is yet to be found out.

I kind of imagined that once we got out of Intensive Care this would all be over, but in fact its just beginning.