Albie Unplugged

Albie is AMAZING, totally rocking it out and we are beyond proud of him. In the last few days he has been weaned off oxygen, started drinking and eating, held his head up and sat up. He has started jibber-jabbering away again and pointing at things everywhere. It seems clear that any problems he had moving about were simply because he was paralysed and sedated for so long, rather than anything long term. How thankful and blessed are we?! It is such a joy to see him getting stronger every day.

He is different in himself, but that is something that I can understand will just take time. The cardiologist said yesterday, that kids Albie’s age can take 4-6 weeks to come back into themselves after this sort of trauma. A lot of his certainty in the world has gone, he is scared of just about everyone except us. Ridiculous amounts of cuddles and lots of quiet time seem just the ticket.

He is pretty beaten up. He has marks and scars everywhere. His chest is by far the worst. Its endured open heart surgery, then chest compressions in emergency CPR, then was open again while he was on ECMO, and then it all got pulled back together again. His sternum is now wired back together and his chest stitched shut, but he still has a partially collapsed lung. So it all looks mighty sore. Regardless, he keeps on trying to crawl and trying to pull himself up to stand, keen to get on with business, but then realises his chest might not yet be up for that sort of malarcky. I can see it won’t be long though as his recovery is proving to be pretty darn quick. The power of all the love he has received from you all has a lot to do with that.

When he is all healed his chest is going to bear the gnarliest of scars, for the gnarliest of stories. Our heads know just how close we got to the edge, but I can’t describe how our hearts feel. Great, wonderful buckets of gratitude we are carrying about – for you, for Albie, for our lives. Its just been the largest and sharpest lesson. We both still can’t fathom what has happened at all really – it is just all too huge.