Hospital Lospital Mospital

Albie’s just about kicked this hospital trip – with talk of him getting discharged tomorrow. Yes, indeed, tomorrow. I know. Ten days after being on life support and Albie is about to ditch this joint. Β He has bounced back way higher and harder than anyone thought he would – walking with assistance, starting to crawl a little – its all a go-go. Its a bit of a privilege to witness him actually and our hearts may yet burst with pride.

As his circulation is now normal and he wont require extra calories to grow, Β his nasal gastric tube was removed this morning. Its a bit emotional actually to see both of his beautiful sweet cheeks again after so long. He is our absolute hero.

We went outside for a walk with Albie today. It was glorious. In that moment, you would not have found two luckier parents in the world.