Its glorious being back home. We’ve been real low key so far just mooching about the house and going for walks by the sea. Its strange being home though. Wonderful –  don’t get me wrong, but strange. Its just that Albie got so very sick, and then so very better, so very quickly. And now we are away from hospital, tucked up in the safety of home, the last few weeks seem like a strange and awful dream.

We are seeing our lives with a new set of appreciative eyes. There is some beauty in this pensive, quiet mood.

The quilt that I clumsily made when I was pregnant went to Starship with us. We had it over the end of Albie’s bed as something familiar. When Albie’s heart stopped, the doctors quickly reopened his chest there and then and the quilt got some of his blood  on it.  We washed it soon after, but if you know where to look, very light tide marks remain. Anyway, when I was unpacking our things, I placed his quilt back over the edge of his cot again. With all this story behind us, the mural that I painted above his bed (when my belly was big and full) has taken on a new, much bigger meaning.

There is everything to be thankful for, everywhere. Seeing Albie’s wee paws on his toys again makes my heart soar and I can’t stop taking photos of his gorgeous bare cheeks. Our house abounds with well wishes.

It seems only fitting that the peace lily in Albie’s room has decided it’s time to flower.