There and back again

Four weeks ago tomorrow, our boy went into open heart surgery and began a battle for his life. A quick and fierce battle it turned out to be, because here we are now very safely, and very triumphantly, at home.

On what might seem like an unrelated side-note, I have quite a bit of music on my computer. Its not the largest of collections I am sure, but it is enough to play songs back-to-back for 19 days. I often hit shuffle, and just let it play, finding forgotten gems and discovering new ones all the time. So it was on Saturday night. Marcus was out with the boys for a Fathers Day treat at the rugby, and I was kicking about the house.

And then a song came on.  An instrumental that stopped me in my tracks and took me right back to where we’ve been.  I stepped over to the itunes to see what was playing. It was by a band called Explosions in the Sky. I was floored by the track title – ‘First breath after a coma.’  Its not what I usually go for – some soft rock instrumental, but it speaks of the love and the heartache of it all and ultimately the beauty of today.

So I started to put images to it of the last four weeks – images of Albie after the Rastelli, with ECMO, in recovery and at home.  Most of the photos are ones you will have seen before and the additional ones aren’t pretty. Sometimes I think this blog is as much for me as it is for you though and it was cathartic to create this. To celebrate the fight in our boy one more time before stepping forward and onward away from all of this.

WARNING: Its a bit full-on to begin with, so please use your own discretion.

There and Back Again. Wowzers, that was one trip.