Sweet cheeked, sugar-coated candyman

This blog post is rather simply dedicated to Albie’s sweet cheeks.  Now that his NG tube and its associated grubby tape have gone, I just can’t get enough of his FACE. His beautiful, beautiful bare cheeks! Fan I am.

At firstly, rather amazingly, I thought he looked a bit odd without his NG tube. Like when someone who wears glasses suddenly stops wearing them and their face suddenly looks a bit empty and naked, you know? Yeah, well I got over that. And now the camera fills with photos like these. Many, many photos like these.

There is other stuff I should stop to tell you. Like how he has to get fatter or he’ll go on supplements again. Like how he’ll have a scan again soon to see how his brain is responding to the innumerable micro hemorrhages he sustained from the cardiac arrest and ECMO. But no. Tonight I would like to tell you about his cheeks.

Oh my days Albie – your cheeks on your face are a sight to behold. I love them so.