Father and son

My two boys, assembling Albie’s first bike, in the last of the evening sun. Its so wonderful to watch them together, to see my son shadowing his Dadda. My heart is so full.

And yes, those eyelashes are crazy long, Inga measured them one other sunny day at 1.5cm 🙂 . My Aunty Judyne said that they were lashes from the Tuffery’s – my Mum’s side. Apparently my Uncle Errol got bullied for his long lashes so badly that he chopped them off with scissors. But Marcus reckons they are definitely from his side, so the battle to claim these remarkable lashes is on.

When Albie was really sick we promised all sorts of things to all sorts of places in the desperate hope that something would help. And at one point, I quite simply whispered to Albie that when we got back home again we would get him a beautiful Wishbone bike to ride on and a puppy play with. These were two of the smaller promises I made, so its hard to know if it was this bribe that worked. But here we are and the bike certainly did seem easiest to deliver on.

He’s pretty stoked with it, although still too short to ride it. Dang Nabbit. Grow legs, grow! And no doubt, when he does take it out for a spin, I will be sharing that with you too. For now spinning the wheels is fun enough.

In other news, Albie had his first big check-in at Wellington Hospital today – ECG, Chest X-rays, Weight, Oxygen sat levels and Paediatrician appointment. After all of that the consensus is that he is doing marvellously. There are, get this,  ‘no concerns’ with his heart function. Two of the most beautiful words I have heard strung together in sometime. His lungs are all fresh and recovered, his chest zipper and drain sites are looking really tidy, his sternum healing well. He hasn’t put on the buckets of weight that they expected him to though and he still trails off the bottom of the weight/height graph. Technically that makes him a ‘failure to thrive’ child. Oh my biscuit! Albie has not failed at a thing.

Note:The puppy is on indefinite hold. How quick reality sticks on dreams! Although to be fair to me when I did promise said puppy, I really wasn’t thinking clearly about the logistics of such a delivery. Fences. We be needing fences

And the bike itself? Only the coolest ever Wishbone Balance Bike 3-in-1 that’ll last him forever and converts to a two wheeler and everything. Its red. And surely fast.