The Sling Diaries – Changing Seasons

I am so excited to tell you that Albie and I are a part of The Sling Diaries – a photo documentary project hosted by Marvellous Kiddo and the Sakura Bloom Pinterest Board. Each month, for the next six months, we’ll be sharing some photos on a theme relating to the  joy of baby-wearing. If you are reading this because of the link over here – yeeehar. Welcome. I hope you get to stay.

Baby-wearing has been so important to me since Albie was little – and though there are a gazillion photos of us wearing him everywhere, I don’t think I have visibly written about it anywhere. So its a real exciting project for me. Baby-wearing, has not just been a way to carry Albie about but its also been a way to hold Albie close – a way to banish, one by one,  all the hours that we haven’t been able to hold him at all.

We’ve come a long way. We started when he was a little mite, with a teeny, tiny sling.  This photo was taken on our first jaunt out of hospital –  I can look at these photos and just about remember my heartbeat.  I was absolutely terrified at being away from the safety of the ward but I was also stupidly victorious. Have you SEEN what I have in here World?! Its my brave and beautiful baby!!

When we got home, we got on with life through his first winter with a big grey wrap, which wound its way around me and held Albie tight. I loved it. We did a lot of journeying with the Moby, and our boy saw a lot of firsts from it.

We then used an Ergo, until just recently. Rather too practical for any wins on the style front, but crazy easy and comfortable. And now, here we are with Albie at 18 months and he wants to be facing out to the world again. I would throw him on my back and carry him about that way, but with a recently healed broken sternum (from the surgery he has had) I haven’t had the courage to.

So yeah, it was time for a new baby-wearing solution when Bam! The Sling Diaries start, and two stunning, and I mean stunning, Sakura Bloom slings enter my life as a part of it. Stoked. Albie sits on my hip and is the happy quiet observer of the world again. I love synchronicity.

Away we go sugars, let’s do this thang………I’m real excited for where it might take us…..