These boots were made for walking…

Slowly, but surely, Albie is a-walking everywhere. Slowly being the operative word. Not because he couldn’t go faster,  he really can. He positively zooms around the house. No, in town, its more a case of there being waaaay too much to look at. Particularly when one is busy traversing an old grey concrete wall. As we all know….them walls be interesting!

I love seeing him walk. Its like a whole, taller person appeared before us.

And can I say how much I love the accidental colour matching going on. As soon as I noticed, I insisted Marcus take photos of my legs with Albie. I think he may think I am going insane but he indulged me anyway. What can I say, such things please me. As do colour-coded bookshelves and single colour lego houses. What Bliss.

I might have to accidentally colour match my legs to Albie more often.