Going at Albie speed – Year Two.

WOMAD festival is one of my happy places. Last year, we held tight to this fact and drove along to it with a car full of medical paraphernalia and a pre-heart repair Albie. All started well, but Albie developed a temperature and I retreated to my sister’s house after a night in hospital. It was a reality check on parenting a medically fragile child.   I kind of boggle at the fact we even gave it a go. Festival attendance was definitely one bridge too far back then.

And then this year, we packed up the car and we did it again, with a lighter car and a very,very well Albie.



I had more than one moment where my heart absolutely soared with happiness. 


We went with a bunch of great friends, and all camped together, in a circle, with our beautiful festival children.



Ngaio and Albie were a little Batman and Robin duo, following in each others footsteps  and having generally high levels of admiration for each other. ngaio



Albie took to the festival spirit like nothing I could imagine. Keen to sit down beside someone new and watch the band….


Or to dance with the only guy dancing….(I promise you the guy was lovely – the photo look a bit creepy, but the guy was lovely, I promise)womad10

And despite the fact we got totally rained out on Sunday morning, and drove our soggy selves back to Wellington prematurely, we really did have one of the loveliest weekends one can have (it was the first proper rain in Taranaki since January so we couldn’t really begrudge such a deluge anyway).

I’ll leave the last word on such an account to this short video of Albie dancing to the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. It seems, with feet as fast as this, that this boy has something to celebrate. Albie speed has certainly got faster….