Homeward Bound

So tomorrow morning, we are bundling ourselves up and jetting off to the UK for three weeks or so. All of Marcus’ family live there – his Mum and Dad, his sister and his brother and both of their families – and all his extended family and wonderful friends too. And despite the fact that Marcus has been out here for nine years, he remains as English as the day is long.

Pendle from Clitheroe

Last time we went to Lancashire was the Christmas before we got married – just over three years ago. It’s some kind of crazy to think of everything that has happened since that visit.

So we are finally taking our boy home -to his other equally important home, on the other side of the world.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be better than walking up Albie’s grandparent’s path and knocking on their front door. It’s been such a long time coming.

I *think* I probably won’t blog whilst we are away, but you never know. 

And, if any robbers are cruising blogs searching for houses to burgle please note that you’ll need to negotiate with both our house-sitter and our very long and steep path. 

(Do robbers cruise blogs? I’ve no idea.)