Tally ho

The countdown is just about done – we fly off to live in Lancashire early on Wednesday morning. I know when the plane lifts off and we sail up, up and away from New Zealand and all our loved ones here there will be great gobs of sadness. But for now as we circle closer and closer to check-in, we are just filled with a nervous, excited anticipation.


It’s a new adventure for us. The beginning of yet another chapter. Such a very different chapter to the ones we’ve recorded as a family so far that perhaps instead it’s the start of an entirely new book. There is a keenness, a curiosity about what is next, that is very alive in me.

The boys have fared marvelously well. Fred has spent a great deal of his first months strapped to me or surrounded by boxes. We fly on the day he turns three months. I like coincidence of occasions like these.

Albie found the boxing up of his toys a bit troubling, as many 3 year olds would. I think we will all breathe a sigh of relief when he is reunited with his beloved trike. Albie has his last day at kindergarten tomorrow. I remember what he was like when he started there and I can barely believe how much he has grown up. If there is one place I am bound to cry, it is there.