CHD Week: This heart-shaped blog.

I remember when Albie was young, spending ages online reading other families experiences, trying to catch a glimpse of what might lie ahead for us. In the end, everyone’s journey is their own, and nothing really can prepare you for any of it. But somehow reading about other heart families did make me feel a lot more connected and a lot less alone. I’ve noticed for quite a while now, that many of this blog’s visitors are here to just read ‘the heart stuff’ too.  If you are one of those visitors, welcome. You probably just want the juice on surgery waiting times and oxygen saturation levels. I get that. I totally remember that. And I can hazard a guess that as *interesting* as our recent sojourn around some castles in Wales is, you’ve got larger, more heart-shaped fish to fry. So, in honour of the fact it is CHD Awareness Week, I’ve started this slider bar here at the top of the blog. It’ll draw to the front, some of the more often read blog posts from the past so that you don’t have to go digging for it. Love, love, S.