About Us

Hi there. Welcome. Come on in. 


I’m Sarah – wife to Marcus and mother to Albie and Fred.

I am a lot more than that, of course, but it is how I naturally start to describe myself to you. By listing those around me that I love the most.  They do indeed define me.

This blog records some of our family’s adventures. At the moment we are living in North-east Lancashire in the United Kingdom, but New Zealand is home. The photo above is of us the day before we flew out of Wellington.

We are in the UK, relishing the chance to hang out with our English friends and family, walking old cobbled streets, watching the rain fall and fall and fall and eating cheese pies.

This blog started in 2011 when Albie was born with a shonky heart. It was undiagnosed in utero and one hell of a fright at birth. His first two years of life with us were often times overshadowed by his heart’s health and we used this blog to let family and friends know what was happening for us.  It was about weight, and cardiac surgeries and worry. It was also often times a vent, a whine, a cry – a way of making order of the nonsense that it all was to us then.

We’ve been through as tough a times as you can imagine without losing Albie. In 2012, he took us all right to the edge with him when he had a cardiac arrest the day after open heart surgery. His heart didn’t pump blood for five long days. This blog became a clarion call for prayers and thoughts, from around the world, all of which were received. Those posts and all the comments that followed now stand as a bit of a testament to those big, life-altering days. I read them every now and again. Those days  fired us more grateful, more thankful, and hopefully more present in all that we have. I hope I never forget that.

Thankfully our lens on life is a little wider than ‘just’ his heart defect now, and this blog reflects that too. If you are interested in finding out more about Albie’s heart, click on the tab at the top.

In 2014, we welcomed Fred. One sweet, calm butterball of a boy, he has provided us all the balm our healing hearts required. When I hear Albie and Fred laugh together, I do truly thank my lucky stars.

I love feeling grateful, music, really good fair trade coffee, social justice, large hounds, travelling places, camping, history, dress-ups, ethically made things, wine, hanging socks out in pairs, everything vintage, cooking, sustainable fashion, tidy sheds, sewing badly made quilts and dancing about being a goon.

As a mum I am a big fan of babywearing, spending time in the natural world, cloth-nappies, baby-led weaning and breastfeeding. I am far from perfect at any of that – but we try our darndest.



Marcus hails from Lancashire. His family are still all here and the reason for our return. Marcus is a splendid man. I struggle to find the words to explain my love for him. I tried writing, and rewriting a speech for his 40th earlier this year and ended up just a tearful mess. We are lucky together. Marcus loves music, really good fair trade coffee, science fiction books, travelling, composting, tramping, camping, sports wear, ancient ruins, festivals, getting a bargain, big words, gardening, getting two for one deals, The Clash, cooking and dancing about being a goon.



Albie is awesome, a gregarious 4 year old who is loving Lego, the alphabet, space,  talking to us, talking to friends, talking to animals, talking to his toys, talking to strangers, Montessori, asking questions, helping to cook, throwing things, collecting things and handing me flowers. He is a wonder. We are beyond lucky.



Fred  has been the most delightful introduction to how uncomplicated babyhood can be.  He is 13 months old now and currently loves waking up in the morning nice and early, dogs, birds in the sky, bath time, going for a walk, blueberries, his Dad arriving home from work, dancing in the lounge, Steiner playgroup and learning to walk.