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En-ga-land! En-ga-land!

Marcus has been watching plenty of football as the Euro competition is on. It didn’t take Albie too long to figure out what to do when England scores a goal. He’s such a… Continue reading

Our Iggy Peck

After months of smashing the towers down, all of a sudden he is all about building them up. And boy does he love it! Spend a few minutes with our boy and witness… Continue reading

Such great heights

ven though we’ve lived here for like, ever, Wellington still throws out surprises. Lil’ secret spots tucked away just ready to wow . Mt Kaukau is quite a lump of a hill so… Continue reading

Cardiac Update

Many of you will remember, we left Starship Hospital on New Years Eve with the express goal of getting some more weight on him. John Artrip, his surgeon, wasn’t keen to do the… Continue reading


While Albie gets his nasal gastric top-ups we read books. And play peek-a-boo together. He has loved peek-a-boo for months now but its just impossible to tire of it.  He takes the joy… Continue reading

Going at Albie speed

So we trotted off to WOMAD music festival to live the life festival-fantastic. Tent? Check. Festival trousers? Check. Wide assortment of cardiac medications and high-calorie food? Check. Bottle of Moet* to celebrate our… Continue reading

And he’s off!

inally moving! He started a funny wee crawl the afternoon of his birthday party.   I was a little worried that there was something wrong with one of his legs as he was… Continue reading

First Birthday Delight

Albie’s birthday parrty was a peach of a day – filled to the absolute brim with family and friends and food and music and love, love, love.  Albie was rightly spoiled rotten with… Continue reading

Celebrate good times!

Parenthood works in mysterious ways. Last year I was amazed that people would create video montages of their cherished little ones to put on youtube. This year I’ve gone ahead and made such… Continue reading

Living the good life

e have just spent a few days staying with our dear friends Judy, Mike and Chloe down in the Lud Valley. They live the good life down there – in the sunshine in… Continue reading