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Thanks so much for all the messages of love and support we have received since I posted the medical update.  We have been a bit low, for sure, but are certainly feeling a… Continue reading

Medical update

We have known for a while that Albie is on the surgery list for his Rastelli operation to happen sometime between 19 December and 19 February. With his oxygen saturation levels in the… Continue reading

Slowing down

ere’s our boy playing in the garden. I can see he is getting more and more tired in these photos, poor lil mite. He is quieter now for sure, less giggles, but he… Continue reading


lbie’s very first word? Tiger. Word of warning: the video is for dedicated Albie groupies. If you aren’t dedicated you may make the silly mistake of thinking this is just baby babble. 😛

Little Mr Sunshine

he sun has been popping out more and more and so have we. Favourite destination? Our garden of course. Its a bit wild around the edges, but we love it all the same.… Continue reading

Treasure Island

lbie was a bit cute this morning as I showed him his new basket of “treasures” that I put together for him. “Treasures” as in things from about the house that this guy… Continue reading

Trees in the wind

 was hanging out the washing while Albie was enraptured by the wind rustling in the trees. I grabbed the camera while he enjoyed the show. I love how he helps me see this… Continue reading

Lil’ Bear’s Chair

ittle Bear got a highchair and joins us at the table now.  He got a little lost in it without a cushion behind him, but now he loooooves it. Man he is growing… Continue reading

To the market, to the market

We are still awaiting the findings of Mr Wrigglesworth’s CT scan that he had at Starship last Monday. The scan should mean that they can give us an indication of when his surgery… Continue reading

On the couch

ason has been staying with us this weekend – lovely to hang out with him, as always, and even lovelier to benefit from his fantastic photography skills. 😛