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There’s Klingons on the starboard bow

This is long-winded and a totally unnecessary read. Albie’s had five surgery dates so far that haven’t gone ahead. I feel like we are the boy that cries surgery, the amount of times… Continue reading


When he is spritely, I like to imagine there is nothing wrong at all. But Albie is losing weight again – and the last three weeks he has gone down, down, down. He… Continue reading

Biding time

We have had another delay to Albie’s surgery. Starship did give us a new surgery date. Its not far away either – but we’ve decided to not focus on it too much –… Continue reading

Hold your horses

We aren’t going to Starship next week after all. They had another look at Albie’s case and decided that both Dr Kirsten Finucane and Dr John Artrip will operate together, and they can’t… Continue reading

Taranaki – a place like no other.

We had the best weekend at home hanging out with family – walking on the beach, enjoying the most delicious coastal spa pool ever, standing under the mighty snow-covered Taranaki and sussing how… Continue reading

A truly happy farewell

These winter days are slowly ticking by, and we get closer and closer to going back to Starship. I’ve blathered on about it before, but I’ll say it again – its hard work… Continue reading

and so to Starship….

We got an email from Starship Hospital that Albie is scheduled for his Rastelli the week beginning Monday 9 July. Its great to have a bit of warning so we can gather ourselves, stow… Continue reading

Taking it all in his slide

Jason took this sweet wee video of Albie enjoying the winter sunshine at Oriental Bay on Sunday.  As you can see, Albie has developed quite a penchant for the slide. He’s a brave… Continue reading

Cardiac Update

So we had a hospital appointment last Wednesday, the outcome of which I have been loath to write about. Hence, the updated  header and layout, which I hope you like. I was aiming… Continue reading

Cardiac Update

Many of you will remember, we left Starship Hospital on New Years Eve with the express goal of getting some more weight on him. John Artrip, his surgeon, wasn’t keen to do the… Continue reading