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The arrival of spring

The Auckland Domain is beside Starship Hospital. It is a big expanse of grass and trees. We inevitably find ourselves walking around it whenever we can’t be with Albie. This morning he is… Continue reading

Slow and steady

Albie has been paralysed and sedated since Wednesday morning’s arrest.  The ECMO machine oxygenated his blood so during that time his lungs weren’t working. He lay almost stock still and eerily silent. It was… Continue reading

The Comeback Kid

The surgeons met after the heart challenge that Albie had yesterday and discussed what to do next.  Like a muscle designed to lift weights, a heart does different things without blood flow than… Continue reading

Weekend Update

So the heart challenge was completed shortly after I last posted.  This involved a surgeon, doctor and cardiologist pushing lots of buttons, speaking in code and rolling echocardiogram wands over Albie’s heart. At the… Continue reading

Laying down the challenge

Over breakfast this morning, Sarah’s sister – Anthea – regaled the rest of us with a run-down on Albie’s night.  She and her husband – Gerard – took the watch last night, and… Continue reading

A run on the board…

Morena everyone – last night came and went, and Albie is still very stable and safe.  He was given heaps of bedside attention and love from Allan – Sarah’s Dad – and from… Continue reading

(Temporary) changing of the guard…

Hello everyone – while I am close with many of you, and know many of your names and faces, a great number of you remain perfect strangers to me.  However, we are all… Continue reading

Update #4

Jason, one of Albie’s godparents,  sat vigil with Albie through the night. We are about to head up there now. I have no real words to explain anything and I am not sure… Continue reading

Prayers please

Albie was doing really great this morning, aware of us all and  even talking  – off the ventilator and there was even talk of him leaving Intensive Care this afternoon. They were calling… Continue reading