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CHD Week: What to ask at the twenty week scan.

I have a few regrets. And this is one. At our twenty week scan with Albie, we didn’t want to know if it was a boy or a girl, we just wanted to know… Continue reading

Special Needs Spotlight

This Little Miggy Stayed Home is a fantastic blog from a fantastic lady. Each Friday, she spotlights a child with special needs and (you can probably guess where I am headed here), last… Continue reading

Making our own Beads of Courage

Ages ago, I read about Beads of Courage. Its a programme in the States by which a child with a serious illness gets a coloured bead for each medical intervention. They are then… Continue reading

There and back again

Four weeks ago tomorrow, our boy went into open heart surgery and began a battle for his life. A quick and fierce battle it turned out to be, because here we are now… Continue reading


The sun is shining and we are heading home to Wellington this afternoon. The great big bucket loads of gratitude remain overflowing. Today we are so appreciative of all the staff at Starship… Continue reading

Hospital Lospital Mospital

Albie’s just about kicked this hospital trip – with talk of him getting discharged tomorrow. Yes, indeed, tomorrow. I know. Ten days after being on life support and Albie is about to ditch… Continue reading

All of Me

So this video is crazy cheesy, and tear-inducing, but hey – these times call for it.

Albie Unplugged

Albie is AMAZING, totally rocking it out and we are beyond proud of him. In the last few days he has been weaned off oxygen, started drinking and eating, held his head up… Continue reading

Ever forward Albiesaurus

Albie is charging ahead with his cardiovascular recovery. His heart function is good and he was successfully taken off the ventilator yesterday. He is such a fighter – all the surgeons, doctors and… Continue reading

The arrival of spring

The Auckland Domain is beside Starship Hospital. It is a big expanse of grass and trees. We inevitably find ourselves walking around it whenever we can’t be with Albie. This morning he is… Continue reading