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Out of the mouth of Albie: Brotherly love

  Albie remains a keen, keen Lego man. He chats away to himself, usually at the dining table, whilst he builds complex machines and worlds that only he is party to. The other… Continue reading

Out of the mouth of Albie: A trip to the Plane Museum

I have a lot to tell you! We have been in the UK for bang-on one week. It has been pretty great so far, punctuated by fluctuating bouts of both panic and wonderment.… Continue reading

Three years old.

Albie turned three at the end of February. We just had a low-key family weekend this year  – hung at the beach, attended a Soap Box Derby Day, met a giant teddy bear… Continue reading

Out of the mouth of Albie: Conversations with Balloon Dog

We went to a Summer City Circus Day a wee while ago. I am sure it was awesome for just about everyone there, but I was foolishly dressed in too much black and… Continue reading

3. Out of the mouth of Albie

“What shall we call the baby Albie?” a great ponderous pause, and then inspiration strikes….. ” HAPPY ZOOSEE!! ” Not sure we’ll go with the name Happy Zoosee it in the end, but… Continue reading

1. Out of the mouth of Albie….

Albie has been a bit of a joker from a young age – full of brightness and humour and laughter. His levels of light have always astounded me, and I have wondered whether… Continue reading

Masterchef – Toddler Special

How to make Banana Cake according to Mister Two: I am so in love with Albie’s culinary focus and imagination and this may be my favourite video of it yet. Click image above… Continue reading

Airport? Airport?

He is currently totally and utterly OBSESSED with airports. I used to worry about gender roles and stereotyping, but when you are woken by a little forehead pressed against yours inquiring,  “Airport? Airport?” it’s… Continue reading


r Wrigglesworth started saying ‘Mumma’ a few weeks ago when he got upset. Now, he just says it all day long. It makes my heart swell. Dadda, however, is feeling the pinch and… Continue reading