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Red Rocks

I find myself dissatisfied with just about everything at the moment. The garden’s too wet and dark, the number of good winter jumpers I own is too few, the location of England too… Continue reading

Making our own Beads of Courage

Ages ago, I read about Beads of Courage. Its a programme in the States by which a child with a serious illness gets a coloured bead for each medical intervention. They are then… Continue reading

The Sling Diaries: Expression

Dear Albie, Where to begin with this letter to you my boy ? Both my head and my heart are full of absolute jumble at the moment. Full of joy for Grace and… Continue reading

The best Christmas present

Here he is. One healthy full-o-beans toddler. He has been super well for a while now, but we got the big tick from Starship last week, and boy does it feel good. He… Continue reading

The Sling Diaries: Connection

When I was heavy with Albie, I used to waddle up this hill behind our house. It delivered a sweat and a welcome view of the sea. I still remember that feeling of… Continue reading

Oh. Wow.

As of Saturday – for the first time in Albie’s life, he is entirely free of medications. Multiple plastic syringes have littered our daily life. Now he is done and dusted with the… Continue reading


You know that saying, “Happiness is not a destination, its a journey?” Well, I can tell you, it’s not exactly true. Sometimes, just sometimes the world does let you know that you have… Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake

There were three very beautiful, just ripe, strawberries in the garden this morning. Not any more. Albie devoured the lot with gusto. Once done, his hands turned up at his shoulders asking, ”… Continue reading

Happy Trawler

I am a recycled clothes fanatic – basically if its not ethically made or New Zealand made, its just about always second-hand. Its all very dear to my heart. In another life, that… Continue reading

Bright eyes

A few weeks ago, I started to feel myself ┬ábeginning to zoom out a little again. Begin to engage with so much more. Oh look, there’s a whole world around the periphery of… Continue reading