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Every heart has a story – and this is his.

tefenie at When life hands you a broken heart is holding the second annual “Every Heart has a Story” Blog Event. Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) families share their stories, and links to their blogs so… Continue reading

Literacy Level 0.01

ere is Albie achieving Literacy Level 0.01 – which is indecipherable babbling accompanied by random turning of pages. As an aside, this video also is evidence of me achieving my Mumma Level 2.5 –… Continue reading

Early eighties child

y penchant for the retro and the vintage hit new highs this morning. Witness the Wrigglesworth kitted out in eighties knits. He kind of looks like a grid iron player – could be… Continue reading

Fat Albert II

beautiful sight this morning at his weekly weigh in. 5.18 kgs, or to our UK family and friends, 11.4 pounds. He did slide in at just over five kilos last week but I… Continue reading

Cutie patootie

He is always hands-down delicious, but by jingos Wrigglesworth is even mooore cute in this hand-me-down hoodie that he was given from the irrepressible Sammy Angelo. I took out the camera and I… Continue reading

Mid winter warmer

So its the winter school holidays here and we thought a jaunt north for some warmer weather was in order. Wellington is one cold beast at the moment.  Our itinerary – Auckland, the… Continue reading

Cardiac update

We had a review of Mr Wrigglesworth’s ticker last Monday. He has been getting quite breathless and sweaty so we were keen to make sure he was okay. And he is – his… Continue reading

Clever sausage

Albie has been amazing this week – a real clever wee sausage. He had another weigh in this morning with the nurse, and he has put on even more weight. That means that… Continue reading


Yay! After nearly a month of static weight and weight loss, Wrigglesworth has stacked on 270 grams in four days, weighing in now at 4.58 kilos or just over 10 pounds. That is… Continue reading

See you later cheeky

So wee Albie gets his nasal gastric tube put back down today. While he has been feeding really well on his own, he is just burning through too many calories supporting his shonky… Continue reading