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Albie graciously wore an eye patch every morning for most of this past year, so I was stoked when he wanted to celebrate 5 fabulous years in this world, ¬†pirate style. A sheltered… Continue reading

Three years old.

Albie turned three at the end of February. We just had a low-key family weekend this year ¬†– hung at the beach, attended a Soap Box Derby Day, met a giant teddy bear… Continue reading

Take 43.

Now that Freddy has joined us we are elbow-deep in the paperwork required to emigrate back to the UK. First job? British passports for the boys (how my heart swells to type “the… Continue reading

Out of the mouth of Albie: Conversations with Balloon Dog

We went to a Summer City Circus Day a wee while ago. I am sure it was awesome for just about everyone there, but I was foolishly dressed in too much black and… Continue reading

Heir Apparent

So, Albie and I sat down the other morning and made a ‘party hat’ for his kindy Christmas party. It turned out more regal than intended, but a party hat it was. Albie… Continue reading

Albie’s afternoon tea

I don’t know if you know The Kid Should See This, but its an amazing repository of videos that weren’t made for kids, that kids kind-of-love anyway. Think time-lapse videos of things rotting,… Continue reading

More great things

Life is really, really sweet for us at the moment. Is it okay to crow for a little bit? Let me go back to Friday. We had a Starship Clinic on Friday. The… Continue reading

Great things

So we went for the anatomy scan on Monday last week. We had a lovely sonographer called Laura, who pretty much got to hear our life stories. It was like our nerves took… Continue reading

3. Out of the mouth of Albie

“What shall we call the baby Albie?” a great ponderous pause, and then inspiration strikes….. ” HAPPY ZOOSEE!! ” Not sure we’ll go with the name Happy Zoosee it in the end, but… Continue reading

Heart Brothers

One of the most unexpected and welcomed consequences of writing so openly about our journey, has been the connections we have made with other heart families, both here in New Zealand and all… Continue reading