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Sweet cheeked, sugar-coated candyman

This blog post is rather simply dedicated to Albie’s sweet cheeks.  Now that his NG tube and its associated grubby tape have gone, I just can’t get enough of his FACE. His beautiful, beautiful… Continue reading

A truly happy farewell

These winter days are slowly ticking by, and we get closer and closer to going back to Starship. I’ve blathered on about it before, but I’ll say it again – its hard work… Continue reading


While Albie gets his nasal gastric top-ups we read books. And play peek-a-boo together. He has loved peek-a-boo for months now but its just impossible to tire of it.  He takes the joy… Continue reading

Food, glorious food

stunning sight on the scales last week – finally over 7kgs. He has the most delightfully decadent diet – avocado, coconut cream, nuts, nuts, nuts, pastry, olive oil, mayonnaise – ridiculously delicious things… Continue reading

Lil’ Bear’s Chair

ittle Bear got a highchair and joins us at the table now.  He got a little lost in it without a cushion behind him, but now he loooooves it. Man he is growing… Continue reading

Fat Albert II

beautiful sight this morning at his weekly weigh in. 5.18 kgs, or to our UK family and friends, 11.4 pounds. He did slide in at just over five kilos last week but I… Continue reading

Clever sausage

Albie has been amazing this week – a real clever wee sausage. He had another weigh in this morning with the nurse, and he has put on even more weight. That means that… Continue reading


Yay! After nearly a month of static weight and weight loss, Wrigglesworth has stacked on 270 grams in four days, weighing in now at 4.58 kilos or just over 10 pounds. That is… Continue reading

See you later cheeky

So wee Albie gets his nasal gastric tube put back down today. While he has been feeding really well on his own, he is just burning through too many calories supporting his shonky… Continue reading

The next big fat Albie challenge

I have been a bit schtum on the blog because Wrigglesworth isn’t gaining any weight without his NG tube. In fact, he has lost some.  Its a bit depressing, but after lots of… Continue reading