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I want to tell you about Nyah Rose.¬†She’s my brother’s little miracle girl – and nine glorious months old now. I want to tell you about Richard and Jules too and what incredible… Continue reading

Anchor Me

My thoughts and this life have felt pretty wound up until recently. It’s been hard to know what to tell you and how. I’m not sure whether things are unfolding finally now, or… Continue reading


Albie graciously wore an eye patch every morning for most of this past year, so I was stoked when he wanted to celebrate 5 fabulous years in this world, ¬†pirate style. A sheltered… Continue reading

The long way home

We said goodbye to Marcus’ mum at 4am on a cold winter’s morning. Packed ourselves, two car-seats, a stroller, four carry-on’s and three large suitcases into the taxi and drove away. Project move… Continue reading

Tally ho

The countdown is just about done – we fly off to live in Lancashire early on Wednesday morning. I know when the plane lifts off and we sail up, up and away from… Continue reading

Speed demon

We’ve less than a month now until we fly to the UK to live. Time seems to be speeding up and we have a countdown calendar attached to the wall. 28 days to… Continue reading

A summer to remember

We got back from our wonderful summer roadie last week. Aware that this will be our last New Zealand summer for quite a while, we wanted to make it a cracker. And it… Continue reading

Heir Apparent

So, Albie and I sat down the other morning and made a ‘party hat’ for his kindy Christmas party. It turned out more regal than intended, but a party hat it was. Albie… Continue reading

Heart Brothers

One of the most unexpected and welcomed consequences of writing so openly about our journey, has been the connections we have made with other heart families, both here in New Zealand and all… Continue reading

Rule Britannia

We are home with a great bunch of memories tucked firmly into our hearts. It’s a bit of a trick looking back over these photos and realising just how jolly far away England,… Continue reading